We have begun to explore the possible options for a legal challenge to the Arizona sex offender registry. An Arizona attorney hosted a meeting which was attended by 25 people. At the meeting we discussed the organization, funding, and possible legal options for this challenge. The members present were very interested in continuing this effort. The next step will be to set up a members only meeting to discuss forming a committee to direct the activities, funding options, finding an attorney, and identifying the plaintiffs for the lawsuit.

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2 comments on “A Challenge To The ARIZONA REGISTRY
  1. joseph gurczynski says:

    Hello there,I was 19 yrs old when I gotten into trouble with the law in Floirda. I wasn’t aware of being placed on list to register, because of this hidden law at the time I lost the chance to appeal and got to trial. I had Public defender who care about making deals then if i was guilty or not.

  2. Stephen May says:


    I’m sorry to hear your, unfortunately very familiar, story. Please contact us directly at az.rsol.contact@gmail.com so we can tell you more about what our group has to offer.

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