Arizona Sex Offender Screening Profile Assessment

This is the screening tool the local police are supposed to use to determine your level.  If you have questions about your level, please contact your local police and schedule an appointment.


AZ Sex Offender Assessment Screening Profile

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5 comments on “Arizona Sex Offender Screening Profile Assessment
  1. Rani S says:

    what’s the impact?

  2. anon says:

    Has anyone done any work on a separate assessment for child pornography offenders? Looking at the current one it’s actually to be scored less than very high, or ultra high risk based on three questions. This doesn’t seem very fair, or to be an accurate determination of someone’s risk of re-offending.

  3. LJR says:

    Is the “Arizona Sex Offender Screening Profile Assessment” different than the “Offender Screening Tool”. Have there been changes to the Assessment since 2002?

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  1. […] The tool police use to determine levels is on our website and we encourage you to make an appointment with the local police to discuss your level. […]

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