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Open Secrets: An Op Ed by Paul Hanley

Sexual abuse feeds on secrecy. The literature on the subject is overflowing with examples of enablers “keeping up appearances” and survivors being shamed for daring to report a crime or not being believed at all. No demographic predicts what kind of person will choose to commit these crimes. However, Arizona legislators have ensured that once a person is adjudicated guilty of a registerable offense,

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Fear-mongering Media Story and Our Response

This article is just one example of the fear-mongering in the media. Here is the story and what NARSOL has to say about it:…/…/the-bad-the-worse-and-the-despicable/. We encourage you to communicate your feelings on this story to the station, NBC, an anyone else you believe can have an impact on ending this type of horrific reporting.

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Exciting news about our Professional Development Conference

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Fearless Support Group Meetings

We have a support group (FEARLESS)  for friends and families of Citizens on the Registry that meets in Phoenix once a month. Registrants may attend if they have been given permission by their parole/probation officer. At the support group, we discuss advocacy and legislation updates, listen to a speaker who discusses a relevant topic,

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