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Exposed: My Battle with Sex Addiction and the Sobering Road to Recovery and Hope  by Ben Tyau

Ben Tyau is living a double life. On the surface, he is a mild-mannered husband and father, who actively serves in his church. He loves his wife and children and has an upstanding reputation in the community as licensed counselor and college instructor. But there is another side to Ben–the side people don’t see. And now, in 2009, Ben’s secret of sexual sin is about to be exposed for all to see; his worst fears are about to be realized. Journey with him now, in the first-person, through this compelling narrative-autobiography, as he details the heart-wrenching story of his arrest and incarceration, the progression of his sex addiction and its effects on his family, and the miraculous intervention he receives from above.

Roller Coaster to Hell and Back: A True Story of Sexual Abuse and New Hope by Paul Hanley

This book is the true story of Paul Hanley, who, after being sexually abused, turns against the world that betrayed him. Paul has not learned what love is. He is afraid of the truth. He trusts no one, including himself.

Paul’s painful growth into a man is both disturbing and inspiring. His vivid, unforgettable experiences uncover the twisted roots of the spiritual robbery that is sexual abuse.

Paul’s story also helps both counselors and survivors see how the sexually abused can heal – and even bloom – by facing the light.



The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations (2018 Supplement) By Richard Davis 8.5 x 11 [783+ pgs.]
Published By Barkan Research

Whether you have professional legal assistance or are engaged in self-representation, The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations is an imperative tool for all accused and convicted criminal defendants. This comprehensive topical collection of case citations will be indispensable in guiding your legal options challenging any potential conviction and sentence. Regardless of your legal or educational background, The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations will help you understand and challenge the many aspects of your own criminal case. Whether you are an inmate, legal advocate or jailhouse lawyer, this book is an essential topical collection of criminal case citations to close the bridge between accusation and justice. This 2018 supplement to The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations (2016 Edition) incorporates an additional 250+ criminal references to our 2016 & 2017 edition.


SO – The New Scarlet Letters: Sex Offenders, Their Treatment and Our Challenge

In Puritan America, a married woman’s illicit affair with a minister landed her in jail. After her release, Hester Prynne was sentenced to forever wear a big red “A” on her dress.

Nearly 375 years later, the U.S. continues to be scandalized, tantalized, and perplexed by sex.

This book offers

– Former offenders – inspiration and hope
– Neighbors and families – knowledge and courage
– Public agencies – best practices, leading to improved safety
– Professionals – better outcomes for clients
– Victims of assault – understanding and empowerment
– Lawmakers – ideas about fair, effective policies

It’s time to bring the subject of sex crime out of the Dark Ages, time to help victims shed the shame and trauma of their experience. It’s also time to allow offenders an opportunity to show they can change, make amends, and start to earn back trust and acceptance from society.


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