Some of Our Current Projects

We are excited to be working with legislators to amend ARS 13-923 which allows youthful offenders an opportunity to be removed from the registry and other collateral consequences of their crime. The change would raise the age of eligibility from 22 to 25.

And, based upon the success of the Florida Action Committee, we have implemented a project to reach out to all those on the registry in Arizona.


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2 comments on “Some of Our Current Projects
  1. John Herbert says:

    To raise the age of eligibility? What are the benefits to having anyone on the registry one second longer? Increasing the age by three years seems counter productive and forces youth who are entering the job market or colleges to suffer a disadvantage. At age eighteen is when the process needs to start, as that is the age where a young man or woman becomes an adult legally. Having to wait 7 years to petition is misguided and why would AZROSL be working to help Legislators increase punishments by extending a gambit(the registry)that has protected 0 children?

    • Anita Cohen says:

      Thank you for your comment. Perhaps we could have been more clear in our post. A.R.S. sec 13-923 is actually the only statutory way a person can get off the registry in Arizona. It gives a person who was under 22 when they committed their offense an opportunity to petition the court yearly with such a request. So, a person convicted at 16 would theoretically have 6 opportunities to petition to get off the registry. Raising the age to 26 would 1) give that person 4 extra chances to petition the court, and 2) make those later opportunities more meaningful since it would show a proven track record and the brain is not fully formed until a person turns 26. So, we are not advocating for more time on the registry but more chances to get off. Please contact us directly at if you have any questions.

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