FEARLESS Meeting Feb. 15th, 2018 – Minutes

  • Our guest speaker was Cecil Ash. Here are some of the highlights…
    • Cecil began his career as a public defender and later became a member of the House of Representatives. He is currently a Justice of the Peace in Mesa.
    • Our prisons are overcrowded.
    • He doesn’t believe in private prisons.
    • 716 people out of 100,000 people were incarcerated (as of 2013).
    • The U.S. has highest population of prisoners in the world.
    • AZ has 41,300 inmates — AZ ranks highest in the country compared to states with similar populations and is #5 in the U.S. for incarceration and spends approximately $23,000 per year per inmate.
    • Cecil urged people to contact legislatures and give their sympathetic stories and get to know your representatives. He strongly believes that it is difficult to change federal government, but easier to change on the local level.
  • Registry Outreach Project is going strong…
    • We, with the help of many volunteers, have sent out over 1700 letters and received many positive responses.
    • We’d like to put an ad in the paper to try and reach more people, but need money.
  • The tool police use to determine levels is on our website and we encourage you to make an appointment with the local police to discuss your level. http://azrsol.org/arizona-sex-offender-screening-profile-assessment/
  • Check out our growing website. Especially the blog section where you can stay up to date with what we are working on.  And, consider making a donation.
  • We want to encourage everyone to join NARSOL and consider joining us at the conference which is in Cleveland in June.
  • As a small but growing organization, we want everyone’s input and great ideas. However, we can only do so much.  We have created a Project Proposal form which you can submit to us with your ideas.

NEXT MONTH’S MEETING WILL BE MARCH 29 at the same location. Contact us for more information.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://azrsol.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/AZRSOL-Project-Proposal.pdf” title=”AZRSOL Project Proposal”]

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