NARSOL’s Holiday Helpline

The holiday season, which is so loaded with high expectations and wishes and memories, can be stressful for anybody. But it can be especially challenging for persons required to register and for their loved ones. Supervision rules, housing and proximity restrictions, stigma, rejection… all can be major stressors at this time of year. We get it.

NARSOL is pleased to offer, for the first time, a fully staffed helpline on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When we put out a call for volunteers, the response was overwhelming! We had to expand the available slots, and they were all filled in less than 48 hours. These volunteers all have intimate knowledge of what being on the registry is like and how difficult holidays can be, and they are happy to “be there” for anyone who needs a listening ear. Here are the details:

The holiday helpline will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. eastern time on both December 24 and December 25. Three volunteers will be staffing the phones during almost all of the shifts. The only way your call would not be answered live is if all three of the volunteers for that time period are taking calls. If that should happen, please wait a few minutes and call again.

The number to call is 888-997-7765, extension 2. Be sure to dial the extension, as that is the ONLY one being answered live on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Your phone number will not show up on the volunteers’ caller IDs because your call is being routed through the NARSOL switchboard number.

SAVE this number and extension. Pass it on to other persons affected by public registration. And here’s hoping you have the best holiday ever. If not – NARSOL is here for you.

While NARSOL representatives will be available to act in a supportive or peer-like role and may provide useful and appropriate resources and information to  individuals who contact the helpline, NARSOL representatives are comprised of volunteers who ARE NOT licensed legal or clinical professionals and cannot provide legal, medical, or psychiatric  advice. NARSOL does not condone and is not responsible for any illicit or illegal behavior.

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