Opening Day of Arizona Legislature

Table at Opening of Arizona Legislature

Patricia, Terry, Jenny, Maya, Stephen and Shari represented AZRSOL on the lawn of the capital on the opening day of the 2018 session of the Arizona State Legislature.  Our  purpose was to make the public and the legislature aware of AZRSOL and to educate them on Facts not Fear.
As a way of beginning the conversation we asked people if they would like to take the following quick 3 question survey:


What do You Know About Sex Offenders?

1. Which might get your name on the Sex Offender Registry?

a) Moon somebody at a party
b) Rape someone at knife- or gun-point.
c) Urinate outside
d) Change a baby’s diaper
e) Go streaking on a dare
f) All of the above

2. If we locked up every sex offender in the country, we could reduce new sex crimes by:

a) 48%
b) 24%
c) 69%
d) 5.3%

3. 93% of all sex crimes are perpetrated by:

a) Teachers/coaches/clergymen
b) Family members/close family friends
c) Strangers hanging around parks and playgrounds
d) Lawyers/judges/politicians

The above survey proved to be very beneficial as a teaching tool.  It allowed us to interact with over thirty-eight people and educate them on facts rather than myths of  sex offenders.   There were people who were completely surprised to learn the answer to question “1” was all of the above, a larger percent of people believed that the answer to question “2” was to lock more people in prison with 69% as the most answered, and finally the answer was split on question “3” between family members/close family friends and strangers hanging around parks/playgrounds.
In addition to the public we were approached by a representative for the AACJ (Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice), the Policy Director/Lobbyist of the ACLU, candidates who will be running for the legislature in 2018, and staff assistants for current members of the legislature.
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