Perseverance Certificate for FEARLESS Members

In addition to recognizing all of our FEARLESS members for all of the struggles they go through, the First Annual Perseverance Certificate was given to a member who has shown great courage and fortitude in the 26 years she has been on the registry.


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2 comments on “Perseverance Certificate for FEARLESS Members
  1. Jerry Reese says:

    Hello my name is Jerry Reese I’m here at 5219 South 3rd Street I’ve been living here for almost 3 years now and I’ve been having nothing but trouble with these people in this neighborhood and officers and a lot of people know and they’re not doing nothing about it

  2. Stephen71 says:

    Hi Jerry. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate but very familiar story. If you’d like more information about our support group, please contact us directly at You could also check out for more resources.

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