Shawna: A Life on the Sex Offender Registry

This is an article and short film (about 9 minutes) about a young mother and her struggles with being on the registry. The article also talks about a young man and his problems. Both the film and article are by David Feige, who made the documentary “Untouchable”. It is very well done and moved me to tears.


A second article was written by Radley Balko from the Washington Post, as a follow up to the video.

The Sex-Offender Panic is Destroying Lives


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2 comments on “Shawna: A Life on the Sex Offender Registry
  1. Thomas Grant says:

    I just watched this clip and speaking as a registered SO, i know exactly what shawna is going through. I just got released from a 12.5 yr sentence 4 months ago. What i did was wrong and i deserved to go to prison for it. I was 21 y/o and i slept with my wifes 13 y/o sister. I didnt do it because i have an attraction to teens or children. I did it to get even with my wife for cheating on me. I didnt force her, i didnt coerce her, didnt drug her. She even stated in the police report that it was something that she wanted to do. Again, it was wrong and i deserved the prison time. But i do not deserve to be on lifetime probation or have to register as a child predator. I should not have to live in fear of being thrown back into jail or prison for taking a wrong turn or not leaving a store quick enough because a minor happens to be there. No other felonious crime has to take polygraph tests. Not even people convicted of terrorism. A car thief is still allowed to drive a car, a home burglar is still allowed to own a home! Whay can i not be around my children?! My girlfriend has 3 kids. All of them know why i was in prison and all of them has accepted me as a part of the family. I can be around 2 of the 3. The 3rd one is only 17. And she gets upset because i have to leave whenever she comes home. Ive had a few friends kill themselves over this same situation. Ive seen many many more opt to go back to prison because they could spend more time with their family locked up than they could when they were free. The classes are a whole other topic for another time. Thank you for reading this.

  2. Dennis says:

    Wow! When I was fourteen I slept with a few girls 18 and older. When I was seventeen I married for the first time, and my wife was 32. Something needs to change with these laws. You can take a life, do your time, and move on. Sex offenders have to do the time, plus a life sentence.

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