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Should the Registry be abolished?

Should the sex offender registry be abolished? Watch a live Oxford style debate with sociologist Emily Horowitz, author of “Protecting Our Kids?: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us,” and Marci Hamilton from the University of Pennsylvania.

Reason Magazine – Should the sex offender registry be abolished?…

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Shawna: A Life on the Sex Offender Registry

This is an article and short film (about 9 minutes) about a young mother and her struggles with being on the registry. The article also talks about a young man and his problems. Both the film and article are by David Feige, who made the documentary “Untouchable”. It is very well done and moved me to tears.

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Fearless Support Group Meetings

We have a support group (FEARLESS)  for friends and families of Citizens on the Registry that meets in Phoenix once a month. Registrants may attend if they have been given permission by their parole/probation officer. At the support group, we discuss advocacy and legislation updates, listen to a speaker who discusses a relevant topic,

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