What We Do

AZRSOL as a part of NARSOL, will:

  • promote laws targeting harmful acts rather than entire classes of people;
  • promote limiting registry access to law enforcement agencies only;
  • support removal of residency and proximity restrictions against registrants after their court-imposed sentence is satisfied;
  • support litigation and legislation which remove or prevent retroactive increases in registration requirements and restrictions;
  • advocate to limit post-prison civil commitment strictly to extraordinary cases where the state proves that the person presents a danger to the community; 
  • promote laws which replace lifetime supervision/parole with a system that includes ongoing assessments for termination of supervision;
  • encourage fair and balanced trials, proportional sentencing, reasonable statutes of limitation, and the elimination of mandatory minimum sentencing;
  • discourage discrimination, violence, and vigilantism toward those accused or convicted of a sexual offense;
  • seek out and support programs which effectively reintegrate and rehabilitate former offenders;
  • seek out and support programs which effectively prevent new sexual offenses through intervention and community education;
  • promote healthy, trusting human interaction by replacing fear and panic with solid facts and reason.

AZRSOL has been reaching out to legislators, teachers, lawyers, and others to help educate them about what the sex offender registry does to people, what laws need to be in place, and other topics.  We run a monthly support group, called FEARLESS, for those on the registry and their families.