April 2022 Meeting Minutes

At our April 14th meeting, Public Defenders Katie Krejci and Meghan White returned to discuss Probation early termination guidelines  for those on probation for sex offenses in Maricopa County .  Following is a summary of what they discussed – the Maricopa County Probation Early Termination Guidelines are attached. Probation ET Guidelines
Those on less than lifetime probation must serve more than half their term to be eligible for early release. Those on lifetime probation must have served at least the term specified in A.R.S. § 13-902(A) (i.e.: F2, 7 years; F3, 5 years; F4, 4 years, F5 & F6, 3 years). The Adult Probation department is more likely to support a petition if the probationer is complying with treatment and probation rules, including passing polygraphs and paying all restitution. But even with the support of the probation department, the court will ultimately decide whether to approve early termination. Probation and the courts take termination petitions on a case by case basis.
Pat Borden gave the attached business update. April 14, 2022 Business Update (1)
The May 12 Fearless meeting speaker witl be Donna Bartos, founder and CEO of Bloom365 an organization that  develops, delivers and tests research-based curriculum to teach young people about unhealthy v. healthy relationships and how to reduce and prevent dating violence and sexual violence in a generation. 
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