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June 2019 FEARLESS Minutes

Guest Speaker

On Thursday, June 20, we were privileged to have Attorney’s Meghan White and Katie Krejci from the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office return to our Fearless group to wrap up their discussion on the terms of Probation and Parole.  They answered many of our questions and reviewed the conditions in order to be compliant on Probation or Parole. 

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May 2019 Fearless Minutes

May Fearless Minutes

Guest Speaker

Our speaker this month was Amy Love, Deputy Director of Government Affairs from the Arizona State Supreme Court. Amy gave us quite an education on the legislative process and the power of telling your story.

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A Poem by an Arizona Inmate

This poem by Mark, a fellow human currently incarcerated in Arizona, shows what a little understanding and support can do for those who often feel as though they have been tossed aside.

Remember those who are in prison
As though in prison with them
Those who have been mistreated (Hebrews 13:3)
To those who have been condemned

Empathy for those in prison
You have shown us you care
Compassion for suffering people
Lighten the load that we bear

You treat us as human beings
Give us hope beyond belief
Wanting us to have a second chance
Pave new ways for relief

You fight the good fight
Do more than we expect
You are the chosen ones
God’s blessed elect

You are our angels
Blessed us with your love
We appreciate all of you
You are what dreams are made of

We are praying for you all
Not just for the battles we face
You truly are a God sent
Your hearts have shown God’s grace

By: Just Me

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The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations, 6th edition

  • 5000+ Supreme, Circuit, District and State court Citation references
  • 125+ Topics including: Appellate/Post-Conviction Briefs, Discovery and Disclosure, Federal Habeas Relief, Hearsay Evidence, Ineffective Assistance, Plea Agreements, Pro Se Representation, Sentencing, Warrants, Sex Offender Registration, Sex Offender Treatment and more
  • 500+ legal definitions
  • Sample Federal and State Jury instructions
  • Jury Selection Questions with Sample Written Questionnaire
  • State Innocence Project Addresses
  • District Court Addresses
  • Defense and Prosecution Trial Strategies Discussed
  • Voir Dire Questions
  • 5 x 11 Soft Cover


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Ryan Browning’s Story

When I was 17 I met a 14 year old girl at a mutual friends birthday party. We began talking and hanging out as friends then it wasn’t long before I’d asked her to be my girlfriend. We were dating for about 4 months before I turned 18 and I know that that’s not very long at all but within those 4 months I was convinced that I was in love with this girl.

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Fearless Meeting Minutes for April 2019

Guest Speaker

Our speaker this month was Paul Hanley.  Paul spoke about “Taking back your power through activism.” Paul is the author of five books, including Roller Coaster to Hell and Back, which describes his rehabilitation and recovery from childhood sexual abuse.

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A Book Review for S.O: The New Scarlet Letters

This review comes from Jeff Babcock

Marilyn Callahan and Tim Buckley’s new book, ‘S.O. The New Scarlet Letter’ is a landmark compilation of what happens to anyone when, what famed psychologist, Carl G. Jung called the ‘Shadow’ side of our personalty, takes over and ruins our lives.

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March 2019 FEARLESS Minutes

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker, Dr. Grace Gamez, shared her personal journey on the registry.  Her hard work and determination which led to her position as Founder and Director of ReFraming Justice at American Friends Service Committee – Arizona was inspirational to everyone.  She offered hope to all of us despite the restrictions and challenges of being on the registry.

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Paul Hanley’s story on NARSOL’s Humans on the Registry

One of our members, Paul Hanley, author of Roller Coaster to Hell and Back, is on the National Association for Rational Sex Offense Laws website section called Humans on the Registry.

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Re-Entry Award

AZRSOL is very proud to announce our new Reentry Award. The Award will provide one-time assistance up to $150 toward the successful reentry for a person convicted of a sexual offense. For more information, please email us –

To be considered for these awards, an applicant must:


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