January 13, 2022 Minutes

January 13, 2022 Minutes:

We had a good turnout at our recent Fearless meeting, and we discussed several topics. We were blessed to have two people from Tucson in attendance who are considering starting a Fearless meeting group in Tucson. This would be a real blessing to some of our members who live in Tucson.

We also had the founder of Rescued Not Arrested, Roger Munchian, at the meeting. His faith-based organization gives re-entry support including housing and employment and one-on-one mentoring. We are so pleased that he wants to work with us, and here is the website for more information:

Additionally, we discussed the following topics:
And so we begin again, with Arizona’s 55th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session. Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV) is there with you every step of the way, providing breaking news, context, legislative shenanigans, and our honest advice about what you can do to push our state in the right direction. Attached is an overview of CEBV including tutorials on how to use the Arizona Legislature’s Request To Speak (RTS) to voice your opinion on pending legislation. If you don’t have an RTS account CEBV will help you get one at https://www.cebv.us/rts.html

And, we discussed the following news items:

Please note the attachment at the end of this email regarding changes to the AZ state law for registered sex offenses.


Arizona State law has been updated and includes changes to convicted sex offender registration requirements. Refer to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3821 to 13-3829 for the complete list of requirements for registered sex offenders in Arizona.

You should be especially aware of the following

13-3821 A. Regarding registration timeframes: substitutes “within seventy-two hours, excluding weekends and legal holidays, after entering and remaining for at least seventy-two hours in any county of this state” in place of “within ten days after entering and remaining in any county of this state.”
13-3822 also defines the 72 hour rule as: “Within seventy-two hours, excluding weekends and legal holidays, after moving to or from the person’s residence or to a different county or after changing the person’s name or address.”
13-3821 I. requires listing any online identifier including the name of any website or internet communication service where the identifier is being used; and all vehicle identification information for any vehicle the sex offender owns, possesses or drivers regularly.
13-3821 J – now mandates that all Sex Offenders report, in person, to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office annually to register. This is to be done within the same month as the offender’s birthdate.

The above information was taken from Arizona Revised Statutes, however it is the sole responsibility of the sex offender to know the laws and conditions of their required registration. To assist with the new requirements, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office will be making the following changes to the registration process:


Sex offender registration for Pinal County will be conducted by appointment only starting January 1st, 2022. To schedule an appointment, visit the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office website (PinalCountyAZ.gov/Sheriff) then select the “SEX OFFENDER” tab and follow the instructions. If further assistance is needed, email the PCSO SOR Unit at sor@pinal.gov or call 520.866.5005. Scheduling an appointment satisfies the sex offender’s 72 hour move notification requirement with Pinal County. Your request for an in-person appointment to complete the registration by itself DOES NOT meet sex offender registration requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure you have scheduled an appointment AND that you have completed all registration requirements.

Appointments will be scheduled weekly at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Appointments are only for required in person registration and annual registration during your birth month. All other updates can be completed online through Offender Watch Express and must be updated prior to any appointment. (If you have online restrictions call the SOR Unit: 520-866-5005).


PCSO is now utilizing Offender Watch Express for offender information updates. To access your account go to www.OffenderWatchExpress.com and enter your personal information. After confirming your identity, follow the steps and ensure all information is updated. A Sex Offender Unit member will review and approve the update and contact you if there are any questions. Express updates include physical details, address, phone numbers, automobiles, tattoos, and online identifiers. If you move within Pinal County and change your address in Offender Watch Express, you MUST schedule an in person appointment to complete the registration process.

Pinal County Sex Offender Registration Unit

SOR@Pinal.gov / Office: 520-866-5005

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