Re-Entry Award

AZRSOL is very proud to announce our new Reentry Award. The Award will provide one-time assistance up to $150 toward the successful reentry for a person convicted of a sexual offense. For more information, please email us –

To be considered for these awards, an applicant must:

1. Have been convicted of a sexual offense and sentenced to Arizona DOC.

2. Currently not be in custody and be residing in Arizona.

3. Have been released from custody within the past 12 months.

4. Demonstrate a correlation between current offense and a prior sexual offense (for example, Failure to Register, Violation of Sex Offender Probation terms, or another collateral consequence), If most recent incarceration was not for a sexual offense.

5. Submit completed (write N/A if appropriate) and legible application. All fields are required.

6. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Contact us for the most current information and an application.

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  1. Samuel R. Hill says:

    I can’t fill out app online

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