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A Poem by an Arizona Inmate

This poem by Mark, a fellow human currently incarcerated in Arizona, shows what a little understanding and support can do for those who often feel as though they have been tossed aside.

Remember those who are in prison
As though in prison with them
Those who have been mistreated (Hebrews 13:3)
To those who have been condemned

Empathy for those in prison
You have shown us you care
Compassion for suffering people
Lighten the load that we bear

You treat us as human beings
Give us hope beyond belief
Wanting us to have a second chance
Pave new ways for relief

You fight the good fight
Do more than we expect
You are the chosen ones
God’s blessed elect

You are our angels
Blessed us with your love
We appreciate all of you
You are what dreams are made of

We are praying for you all
Not just for the battles we face
You truly are a God sent
Your hearts have shown God’s grace

By: Just Me

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