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Re-Entry Award

AZRSOL is very proud to announce our new Reentry Award. The Award will provide one-time assistance up to $150 toward the successful reentry for a person convicted of a sexual offense. For more information, please email us –

To be considered for these awards, an applicant must:


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Internal Exile in Florida

This video is about Miami-Dade County in Florida, but residential restrictions exist in Arizona as well.

Internal Exile

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June 21st FEARLESS Meeting Minutes

Paul Goss and Jerry Eitniear from the Department of Corrections were the speakers at our Fearless meeting, they both work in the Sex Offender Coordination Unit and help inmates for their pre-release from prison.  In their presentation, they discussed how they determine levels before an inmate is finished with their sentence, 

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Have you forgotten us yet, dear Stranger?

Have you forgotten us yet, dear Stranger?

Dear Society, who bases judgment solely from what is seen on a web page;

Dear Lawmakers, who should be far more concerned with prevention than punishment-like ‘civil’ duties that inform the public of individuals and of families who have strived to heal and become better people because of their pasts;

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Sex Offender Registration on Campus

Our co-directors, Patricia and Terry Borden, are quoted in this article from the Arizona State University newspaper.

Sex offender registration on campus: important for public safety or counterproductive for reintegration? – The State Press

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