The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations, 6th edition

Sixth edition

  • 5000+ Supreme, Circuit, District and State court Citation references
  • 125+ Topics including: Appellate/Post-Conviction Briefs, Discovery and Disclosure, Federal Habeas Relief, Hearsay Evidence, Ineffective Assistance, Plea Agreements, Pro Se Representation, Sentencing, Warrants, Sex Offender Registration, Sex Offender Treatment and more
  • 500+ legal definitions
  • Sample Federal and State Jury instructions
  • Jury Selection Questions with Sample Written Questionnaire
  • State Innocence Project Addresses
  • District Court Addresses
  • Defense and Prosecution Trial Strategies Discussed
  • Voir Dire Questions
  • 5 x 11 Soft Cover


Sample Motions:

  • Application for Certificate of Appealability
  • Motion for Extension of Time
  • Motion to Sever
  • Notice of Appeal
  • Objections to Report and Recommendation
  • ​Post-Conviction DNA Testing​
  • Motion to Preclude References to the Accuser as the “Victim”


Whether you have professional legal assistance or are engaged in self-representation, The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations is an imperative tool for all accused and convicted criminal defendants. This comprehensive topical collection of case citations will be indispensable in guiding your legal options challenging any potential conviction and sentence. Regardless of your legal or educational background, The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations will help you understand and challenge the many aspects of your own criminal case. Whether you are an inmate, legal advocate or jailhouse lawyer, this book is an essential topical collection of criminal case citations to close the bridge between accusation and justice.


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5 comments on “The Colossal Book of Criminal Citations, 6th edition
  1. DALEEN C MARLOW says:

    I am looking for a used one for an inmate in idaho state prison

    • Stephen71 says:

      Sorry, we just post the books here for informational purposes. You’ll have to reach out to the publisher directly.

  2. Tamra Renfrow says:

    I am interested in purchasing this book. Any used books?

    • Stephen71 says:

      Sorry, we are not sellers of any of these books. You’d have to check with the author, publisher, or Amazon or some other retailer.

  3. Thanks for posting about our 6th edition! While we don’t have free copies, we do offer our 2016 edition at a discounted rate on our website:

    We also offer a Civil Citations book (new in 2019) and other free resources (such as a 151 point habeas corpus checklist and a 101 point post-conviction relief checklist, and helpful blog posts to use as resources).

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