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The Dangerous Myth of Stranger Danger

From the time we can walk most parents begin to teach us about “Stranger Danger.” It’s an idea that’s been around for decades, but it gained favor as a result of two high-profile cases that were both tragic and extremely rare. Sadly, studies show the “stranger danger” myth may be giving us a false sense of security.

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Arizonans for Rational Sex Offense Laws is a non-profit organization that envisions effective, fact-based sexual offense laws and policies which promote public safety, safeguard civil liberties, honor human dignity, and offer holistic prevention, healing and restoration.

Our mission is to promote laws and programs…

  • limiting registry access strictly to law enforcement;
  • terminating registry requirements upon completion of a court-imposed sentence;
  • reversing retroactively applied restrictions;
  • reforming civil commitment processes;
  • re-humanizing, reintegrating & rehabilitating former offenders;
  • increasing public safety by reducing sexual offenses;
  • reducing acts of discrimination, hatred, and violence directed at sexual offenders.


What we do…

Help to EMPOWER people convicted of sexual offenses, and their loved ones, to CARE for themselves and others through support groups, holiday cards-to-inmates program, perseverance award celebrations, and more;  CHALLENGE restrictions through the courts and legislation;  CHANGE public perception by perpetuating facts, not fear, through their actions and with community presentations; and CONNECT to scholarships and other community resources.


What you can do…

Write to and Meet with your legislators and community groups to Educate about facts vs. myths. Join NARSOL (our national organization)Donate to AZRSOLAttend our Fearless support groups for people on the registry and those who love them.

The future starts with you.


Get Involved…


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